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If The Finals isn’t on your Steam Wishlist – Add it now!

Embark Studios’ latest creation, The Finals, has taken the gaming world by storm during its open beta. With millions of players already on board, it’s clear this game is more than just hype.

The Finals offers a unique twist on multiplayer gaming, immersing players in a high-stakes live game show. Destructible maps provide an ever-evolving battlefield, taking the concept of ‘Leveloution’ to new heights.

Choose from Light, Medium, or Heavy classes, each catering to different playstyles. Light classes offer agility, while Heavy classes bring firepower and durability. The Medium class strikes a balance, providing valuable support with healing abilities.

The Finals is set to drop in 2024 and is on track to revolutionise multiplayer FPS with its innovative gameplay and unique concept. Stay tuned because we will definitely be covering, playing and reviewing The Finals right here!

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